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Extra-mural Music Tuition:

At Phoenix Benedict Music Academy tuition in: piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, saxophone, trumpet and flute, as well as pre-school music appreciation, songwriting, music production, music literacy gap year and music theory are given in a very uniquely personalised format. This tailored format aims to integrate the music tastes and interests of each individual student, thereby maintaining motivation, and also relevance to concrete music principles present in actual popular culture. Students from diverse backgrounds (beginner to advanced), ages (6y/o to 70y/o) and interests (traditional classical to popular contemporary) are welcomed and guided into a more meaningful understanding and application of practical and theoretical music principles. You are rarely too old or too accomplished to learn a new way of relating to your favourite song, composer or film soundtrack. Our aim is to introduce musical principles at a tempo and level that feel comfortable for you, and also to have music tuition relate directly to your personal music goals and interests. Students can choose from a huge array of modules to suit their frame of reference. Modules consist of, for example, graded music theory, practical piano/keyboard, song writing, contemporary church music, and film scoring and music software literacy. Contact us here for more information.

Cambridge International Examinations’ O Level Music and A Level Music:

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is a well respected, internationally acclaimed secondary level qualification that is regarded as a step above the local qualifications in academic Music. Having had nearly ten years experience in teaching CIE Music, both as Music Lecturer and as Moderator, I am in a unique position to assist the music candidate to understand the CIE level of examination and manner of teaching thoroughly and clearly. At Phoenix Benedict Music Academy we provide enthusiastic, one-on-one tuition in all aspects of the written components that form part of the examination, as well as ear training, history of music, orchestration, world music, analyses discussions, active listening as well as composition and practical piano. Small O Level and A Level Music classes are also conducted at the Phoenix Benedict Music Academy on Saturdays (O Level Music: 08:00 – 10:00 and A Level Music: 13:00 – 15:00) for our learners who wish to grow together in small, motivated community. The CIE examinations need to be registered, paid for, and written only at the SSB Pre-University College CIE examination centre in Johannesburg. Contact us here for more information.

Graded Examinations (London College of Music):

Students at Phoenix Benedict Music Academy may also wish to pursue a more focused approached to music tuition as set out by more structured graded examinations (as provided by London College of Music Examinations).
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