Music Lessons in Johannesburg: The Life-Changing Impact of Music Classes for Youngsters

Music lessons in Johannesburg can benefit children in the area in more ways than one. In fact, the benefits of music classes are so vast that they themselves can be divided into categories. One of these categories constitute the social benefits of music education – let’s take a look…

Reduced Abuse of Illegal Substances

A few years back The Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Report stated that students and children who played in bands or were members of their school orchestra demonstrated the lowest amount of substance abuse. This includes tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs. The temptation exists to call to mind a number of musicians who famously succumbed to their drug or alcohol addictions, but it should be kept in mind that the contributing factors for said musicians are those children aren’t faced with during their young lives while they attend music lessons in Johannesburg – giving them enough time to build a solid, healthy mental and physical foundation.

Increased Cognitive Abilities

According to the U.S. Department of Education, “Many colleges view participation in the arts and music as a valuable experience that broadens students’ understanding and appreciation of the world around them. It is also well known and widely recognized that the arts contribute significantly to children’s intellectual development.” Music lessons in Johannesburg attended from an early age has a significant benefit for young learners: it develops areas of their brain needed for language and reasoning, it develops their spatial intelligence, which helps them perceive the world around them with greater accuracy. Music classes at a young age in itself can have a significant positive influence on students’ other subjects, like maths, where an ability to visualise objects accurately is greatly needed.

Music Is a Trade

South Africa’s current unemployment rates are among the highest in the world, with many school leavers unable to find jobs that will provide them with the required experience to cultivate their employable skills. Music lessons in Johannesburg for young learners automatically teaches craftsmanship since learners are learning how to assemble complex ideas and works into something that makes sense and is of a high quality. Aside from their music skills which, with a bit of imagination, can be used to great effect to earn an income after school,  music classes also cultivate employable skills in learners from a young age.

Music Teaches Critical Skills

In addition to music as a trade, it should also be said that music lessons in Johannesburg enhances teamwork and discipline. If you’ve read any job offerings lately, you’ll note that teamwork is required in virtually all of them; discipline is expected. Music classes teach young learners to work in a team (their ensemble, band or orchestra) towards a specific goal – the correct recital of a piece of music.

Music Benefits Students Personally

Music lessons in Johannesburg have an additional benefit for young learners: they learn a means of self-expression, they cultivate much-needed confidence and they learn how to face their fears and take risks. These invaluable attributes are life skills that, combined with discipline and hard work, form the foundation of success. And music classes are the only place where these children are centrally exposed to these attributes.

While the complete set of benefits of music lessons in Johannesburg are even more far reaching, those mentioned above should be enough to convince you of the critical need for focused music education among young learners. By signing your child up for music classes, you’ll do more than just help them with their academic career; you’ll be equipping them with skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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