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Here, at Phoenix Benedict Music Academy, we believe in the power of music, in the value of your talent and tenacity of structured goals.

We have grown from 3 students in 2010 to about 200 students in 2013, which proves that – besides Divine Favor, for which we are truly grateful every day – we are doing something right: putting you first, and serving you with our passion, experience and nurturing skilful guidance.

Our brand experience is unique with tailored music classes to suit your age, style, aims and passion.

Why Phoenix Benedict?

Phoenix is the mythical Firebird (born from fire and returning to it after about 800 years). With each Firebird’s death a new egg is left in the charcoal dust, signifying a new beginning. Legend has it that only one Firebird was alive at any point in time, making the Firebird one of the most sought-after flying creatures ever. Even more fascinating is the song of dawn that the Phoenix would sing each morning.

At PBMA we believe in the power of music to regenerate old (and new) dreams and to serve as an effective and practical vehicle to awaken and transfer creative energy.

Benedict means ‘blessing’ and we aim at PBMA to serve each other and our valued clients with world-class music tuition that embodies soul, passion and a mutually beneficial musical journey.

Discover more of our services here on our website and let us know if you have any more queries that we can address via principal@pbmusicacademy.com

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View our Dean, Mr Bezuidenhout, performing his own piano arrangement of popular film themes with our recent music soiree.

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Check out one of our talented students, Lesego, performing Bridget Mendel’s

‘Ready or Not’ with our Director of Studies, Trevor Smith.

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